16 December 2013

Comments for first half of December 2013

Namnezia asks how much work you should do for a doctorate.

Michael Tomasson exposes anti-blogging bigotry.

Small Pond Science talks about how big universities view “partnerships” with minority serving institutions. Usually, it just means, “Send us students!”

Everyone should go to job talks, but particularly those who want to continue in a career need to see what good and bad ones look like. Thanks to Bashir for bringing that up!

What will you miss about the eleventh Doctor? I’ll miss ideas tumbling out faster than his mouth can say them.

This ocean cleanup story just won’t die, despite people with expertise in the field expressing... severe doubts. I strongly suspect that if the person making the suggestion was even one year older, 20, it wouldn’t get so much attention. “Teenager has idea!” is so much more powerful then “Person in 20s has idea!”

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Mike Taylor said...

If you're missing your Eleventh Doctor fix already, Zen, you may be interested in the book that I have 98% written on Matt Smith's tenure. The last 2% must wait till his final appearance on Christmas day: then I'll get the book out as quickly as possible thereafter, probably before the end of 2013.