13 December 2013

UTRGV reaction

After the announcement yesterday, I did three interviews about the name of the new university. This is what happens when you sit in the front (pic from here) and jump up when the choice is announced.

I was quoted in this KVEO story:

Some waited even longer than twelve months for the name of the university to be changed to UT RGV.

“When I went elsewhere in the country and I would talk to people ‘I'm from UT Pan Am,’ you know they didn’t know us,” said Zen Faulkes, Associate Professor of Biology. “They didn’t know about our institution, and part of that was the name. So I’m just really pleased that everyone finally caught up to what I was saying years and years and years.”

And I’m quoted in this story:

UTPA biology professor Zen Faulkes, who has taught at the school, said he is very happy with the name chosen. Faulkes has been part of a conversation that has evolved over the last few days of what the name should be.

“I think the name is the name that really reflects the region,” Faulkes said. “It connects with the community.”

In the future, Faulkes said, he hopes the name Rio Grande Valley will be synonymous with research and a rich learning community.

The reaction on Twitter was interesting. It was obvious from the earlier discussions that every name had its detractors. But I was surprised by how many people from UTPA, both current and former, resented the name change. I did not see many similar comments from individuals at UT Brownsville.

Our university president, Robert Nelsen, earlier joked that he would be relieved that he wouldn’t have to answer, “What will the new university be named?” any more. That question will no doubt be replaced with, “What will the mascot be?”

I wonder if I can convince them we should be the UTRGV Crayfish... Procambarus regiomontanus is a local species!

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