06 June 2014

How many species have you worked on? 2014 edition

A point of pride with me is that I have published papers on many different species. When last I checked, four years ago, I was at original data on thirteen different species. It’s time for an update! This time, I’ve tried to list them more by taxonomy than by chronology of my papers (that is, crustaceans together). And I’ve still excluded a ascidian survey paper.

  1. Spiny sand crab, Blepharipoda occidentalis (paper)
  2. Pearly sand crab, Lepidopa californica (paper)
  3. Sand crab, Lepidopa benedicti (paper; pictured above)
  4. Sand crab, Lepidopa websteri (paper in press in Crustaceana)
  5. Mole crab, Emerita analoga (paper)
  6. Squat lobster, Munida quadrispina (paper)
  7. Signal crayfish, Pacifastacus leniusculus (paper)
  8. Red swamp crayfish, Procambarus clarkii (paper)
  9. Marmorkrebs, Procambarus fallax f. virginalis (paper)
  10. Yabby, Cherax destructor (paper)
  11. Spiny lobster, Panulirus argus (paper)
  12. Balmain bug, Ibacus peronii (paper)
  13. Slipper lobster, Ibacus alticrenatus (paper)
  14. White shrimp, Litopenaeus setiferus (paper)
  15. Grass shrimp, Palaemonetes sp. (paper)
  16. Spanner crab, Ranina ranina (paper)
  17. Cricket, Teleogryllus oceanicus (paper)
  18. Tapeworm, Polypocephalus sp. (paper)
  19. Nematode, classification unknown (paper in press in Integrative and Comparative Biology)
  20. Sea squirt, Ascidia interrupta (paper)

Twenty! I don’t know whether I can increase that number any more in the next few years. But I will have fun trying.

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Picture by Jessica Murph.

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Mike Taylor said...

It would be great to see these in a phylogenetic tree.