28 October 2014

Tuesday Crustie: Yeti crab crushes Kremlin!

It’s fair to say I’m a fan of yeti crabs, since I’ve had the yeti crabs on this feature a few times before. (And then there’s the dancing yeti crabs playlist...)

I’m also a big fan of the SyFy series FaceOff, which has its season finale tonight. Last week, make-up artist Cig got into the finals with this kaiju creation:

Cig had never seen a yeti crab before, and decided to make something decidedly more simian than crustacean, keeping in the giant monster tradition started by King Kong.

While I did enjoy Cig’s take on the yeti crab, I have to confess that I am pulling for Dina tonight! She captured my attention with this creation on episode 1 of this season.

And she’s held it ever since. I particularly loved her aquatic Aphrodite (middle row, third from left):

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