13 October 2014

Watch out for UTRGV’S Phase II

Inside Higher Education has an article about the hiring process for University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Twenty-five faculty from UTPA and UTB did not get offered their jobs back yet.

The article goes into quite a bit of detail about the Phase I hiring process, and list all the reasonable concerns about the new university being used to remove tenured faculty for questionable reasons.

What the article barely mentions is that there is a Phase II in the hiring process. I sat through quite a few discussions about this, and I got the impression that Phase I was more or less a rubber stamp. Not being selected in Phase I was certainly not the end of the process. It just indicated a little more vetting would be done. That doesn’t strike me as crazy or unreasonable, though it certainly could be implemented in an unreasonable way.

The outcome of Phase II will be a much better indicator of the direction that UTRGV is heading than Phase I.

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