05 January 2008

SICB, Day 4

Today was definitely crustacean day for me. I pretty much saw decapod crustacean talks all day. It was kind of nice, because I don't get to interact with that crowd very much and met a lot of people whose names I had previously only known from reading their papers.

Then my Master's student Sandra and I both gave our posters. I generally had only one person at a time, but there was pretty much always someone in front of my poster talking to me, asking the right questions and agreeing with what I thought the data were showing me. Sandra was also busy at her poster.

Then -- socials! Crustacean social, then neurobiology social, then the general student appreciation social (Hi Candace! Hi Mike! Hi Turkesha!). The poor hotel staff was spending a long time trying to get the clueless scientists out of the social room. Turn lights up -- turn lights down. Turn them up -- turn them down.

One half of one day to go!

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