20 January 2008

Texas Education Agency and Chris Comer, Part 27 and Texas science standards, Part 2

Chris ComerA lengthy post at The Atheist Experience blog describes a meeting in Austin concerning science standards, especially evolution.

I particularly wanted to note that Chris Comer spoke at this event. She provided an interesting -- okay, distressing -- inside view:
Comer did tell us that the "forces at play here are huge" and that the whole situation concerning science education in Texas is "far worse than I ever, ever dreamed it would be." As an indicator of just how thin the ice is on which we're all skating: there is an end-of-course biology test, currently optional, that will be required of all Texas students as of 2012. Last month there was an attempt to remove all references to evolution from this test, and it almost worked.
The whole post is worth looking at, although as an atheist blog, it contains some opinions that are not charitable to the religious, fundamentalist or not. But the information seems credible.

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