24 July 2008

Dolly delivers


Lili, Claudette, Erika, Emily, Rita all rated mentions here, and a couple even warranted shutting down the University.

But Dolly was the first where the action was justified. I am taking some perverse enjoyment in that it was not a false alarm situation.

Wednesday morning was cloudy and rainy, but by afternoon, it was definitely a storm. Nothing all that fearful if you were inside, for the most part, but not something you'd want to be outside in.

We lost power about 6:45 pm yesterday, and didn't get it back until about 1:30 pm today. If it wasn't for the power loss, we would have been largely unaffected.

When I got up this morning, however, it was clear that Dolly had a bit more oomph that I'd thought.

Dolly aftermath 1: split tree
No, the picture below wasn't taken in the middle of the storm. It's not windy at all. I'm pretty sure it wasn't at that angle last I looked...

Dolly aftermath 2: leaning tree
Most of the roadways were clear in the area around our apartment, but it was clear that it had rained. Campus is going to be a mosquito breeding ground for a day or two, I'll bet.

Dolly aftermath 3: Standing water on campus
Was surprised to see this big palm on its side on campus. Palms usually don't move.

Dolly aftermath 4: felled palm
Some businesses near campus were open, but some damage was visible.

Dolly aftermath 5: busted Long John Silver's sign

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