14 July 2008

McLeroy admits targeting evolution

Texas Education Agency's Don McLeroy continues his efforts to fool people, as documented in this article in The Bryan/College Station Eagle.

The thinktank called the Discovery Institute has a new dodge around the American constitution. They're tell people to put in discussion of "strengths and weaknesses" in the teaching of evolution. Texas has had such language for a while.
Don McLeroy, a creationist and the chairman of the state board, said he would make it a priority to keep the phrase in the state science curriculum.

"It (strengths and weaknesses -ZF) was written for evolution, and everybody admits that," he said. "They say we're trying to put in creationism. We're not. To me, this whole evolution controversy is a distraction."

McLeroy is the one making distractions. The "strengths and weaknesses" phrasing specifically targets evolution, but McLeroy won't say why, of all the science that gets taught in schools, evolution is singled out. Because he knows he can't, because it's clearly about attacking and undermining evolution and thereby indirectly promoting fundamentalist religion.

The article goes on to say that local teachers interviewed for the approve of teaching strengths and weaknesses, but for all sciences. McLeroy's quote shows the motivations have nothing to do with science.

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