03 July 2008

Texas Education Agency and Chris Comer, Part 33

Chris ComerOh, now this is interesting:
Now, Comer has filed – in federal court – to get her job back and her name cleared.
Of course, "Comer" is Chris Comer, former employee of the Texas Education Agency (TEA). She forwarded an email announcing a lecture about intelligent design, and was later asked to resign.
Comer is asking for reinstatement, for a judgment finding the TEA at fault and for reimbursement for legal fees.

The TEA was not available for comment late Wednesday.
Let me make a prediction as to what the TEA will say. "This wasn't just about the email, it was also about a whole slew of other policy violations." That's what they've been saying all along. And some of the released documentation does support that contention. Whether the infamous bone-headed statement about the Agency's neutrality on evolution is going to be enough for a judge to support Comer's case is not at all clear.

For those who want an reminder of how this story has unfolded, click here (reverse chronological order, so skip to the back and bottom and go up).

Also reported in Dallas Morning News here.

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