01 May 2010

Comments for second half of April, 2010

Abel Pharmboy asks why a scientist would write when he or she doesn’t have to. Me? Vanity. Always vanity.

On The Loom, Carl Zimmer tells the cockroach mind control story that I covered here a while back. (An interesting compare and contrast study: one article by award winning science writer, and one by me.) But Carl inadvertently perpetuates the notion that invertebrates don’t have brains... sigh.

I join Dr. Jekyll’s rants against Science magazine’s crummy PDF exports.

Biochem Belle asks, “Does PowerPoint ever interfere with the discussion of science?” Couldn’t let that one go. PowerPoint exacerbates, but the problem is deeper and older.

Dr. Becca tells about a truly staggering number of applications.

DrugMonkey can’t believe he’s writing about typefaces. I can. ‘Cause that’s good stuff.

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