17 May 2010

Favourite time of year

Today is the start of my favourite time of the year here. Classes and finals are done. Summer session classes don’t start for a few weeks. And even when summer classes start again, there’s not the usual load of other “stuff” going on to distract and split up time.

I suppose the time between the end of fall and the beginning of spring semesters also have some elements of that, but it’s not quite the same. The weather is a bit nicer now, sometimes. And there’s none of the franticness that sometimes accompanies the winter solstice.

I have been chugging away for the last week or so to get some new data. Some of it will go into a conference abstract that’s due today. I have several manuscripts that are near completion, and should be pushed out the door fairly fast. The last time I did this, back in December / January, has already given me two journal articles and a couple of smaller pieces to show for it. Here’s hoping I can repeat that success over the next couple of weeks.

Even so, I do have a surprising amount of administrative stuff on my calendar for this being a slow time, though. Heck, I have six meetings this week already.

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