03 May 2010

May Carnivals

This is the first time I’ve mentioned the Carnival of the Blue, a carnival devoted to writings about the ocean. For some reason, although I write about marine creatures, I guess it was with a little less frequency than some other topics, so haven’t have a contribution in it before.

The new Circus of the Spineless is up at Arthropoda. Extra special, because it’s #50. And we love even numbers that are also multiples of five.

Finally, the Carnival of Evolution is hosted by the Evolution: Education and Outreach blog. I’d particularly pleased to point out this carnival, because next month, I’m hosting Carnival of Evolution right here at NeuroDojo!

I would particularly like to spotlight any and all posts on the evolution of brains, nervous systems, or behaviour, because that’s kind of the mission statement of this blog. All evolution related posts are welcome as usual, though.

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