01 June 2010

Comments for second half of May 2010

Research Explainer picks up on the theme that scientists are bad communicators. The examples used, though, may not be indicative of just bad communication skills.

The Scholarly Kitchen looks at a now infamous slide from the military, and concludes it may not be as bad as the mockery would indicate.

BenchFly looks at how to work with undergraduate students. I say it’s the same as working with anyone.

drdrA at Blue Lab Coats asks what cranky reviewer phrases people have encountered.

The Prodigal Academic describes the process whereby 210 applications for tenure-track positions get cuts down to about five for on-site interviews. We do a step they don’t.

The Faculty of 1000 started up a new poster archive, and well, since I run a poster blog, I made a comment about the need to show off, not just the best science, but the best graphics.

Mental Floss reviews the question of crab pain, citing some research I’ve talked about here before, but discussing some more recent stuff (i.e., mine).

Not exactly comments, but I somehow got involved in a Twitter contretemps that became known as bacon blog wars. You may see my name kicked around in relation to that...

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