22 June 2010

Texas Higher Education and Creation Research, Part 36

The National Center for Science Education is reporting that the Institute for Creation Research’s (ICR) lawsuit has suffered a powerful defeat.

But being rules that they brought no actual evidence was not enough. (Hey, since when has a lack of evidence ever bothered a creationist?) If you read previous entries in this series, you may recall that documents submitted by ICR as part of the lawsuit were described by external observers as “gloriously insane” and “20 pages of non-stop, thigh-slapping hilarity.”

I am sorry, but I have little sympathy for the ICR, and enjoy this part of the judgement against them.

It reads best if you imagine a dramatic pause where each comma sits in the sentence:

Plaintiff is entirely unable to file a complaint which is not overly verbose, disjointed, incoherent, maundering, and full of irrelevant information.


That’s got to sting. Just a little. Even for people with notoriously thick hides.

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Anonymous said...

Woohoo! And I absolutely love the quote from the court documents. :)