14 June 2010

Fuel outrage

I made a comment earlier today on Twitter:

If people were serious about their outrage about the Gulf oil spill, they wouldn't stop buying from BP, they'd try to stop buying gasoline.

Got a lot more attention and retweets and such than most things I put out (I think anything with BP is getting auto-tagged).

Note the use of the word, “try.” I know we’re in a fossil fuel economy and a lot of people can’t quit gasoline and still make a living. It would just be nice if people acknowledged that the demand for fossil fuels makes things like oil rigs possible, and that if it wasn’t BP out in the Gulf, it’d be someone else.

A little later, I found an article about boycotting BP that looks at the issue of boycotting BP.

My less than calm take on this is that listening to people hoping that BP goes bankrupt is like listening to addicts who want to find a better class of dope peddler.

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