15 August 2010

Comments for first half of August 2010

Kevin Zelnio at Deep Sea News mentioned that one of my posts (on the Marmorkrebs blog, not here) led him to a paper that he discusses in a post about unisexual species.

Mike Lisieski at Cephalove talks about neurotransmitters in octopuses, and generally does it pretty well. But I go in to clarify just in case anyone might misinterpret what he wrote.

Michele Sullivan at talks about a digital poster session. Second time I’ve heard of such a thing, and the reports I heard were similar.

Neuroskeptic discusses the developing story with psychologist and primatologist Marc Hauser. But I think some switches got made between a picture of Hauser and one of his subjects.

Jeremy Yoder at Denim and Tweed looks at the relationship between the length of references in a scientific papers, and the number of times that paper is cited. I suggest a testable hypothesis.

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