01 August 2010

Comments for second half of July 2010

Ed Yong was nice enough to link to my post on snake eye evolution.

Dr. Becca wonders how to deal with a deadpan boss. Oooh, I’ve been guilty...

Stages of Succession engages in an instructor’s favourite past-time, trying to figure out how to get students to use the right reference material. Now is a great time to raise expectations for students.

David Dobbs, in discussing Virginia Heffernan’s wild-eyed New York Times article on science blogging, was nice enough to quote part of my open letter to Virginia. But he said of NeuroDojo that it was “his/her blog.” I hate to leave people with pronoun confusion.

DrDrA at Blue Lab Coats plugs The Third Reviewer website, and in passing mentions she disagrees with me on the value on anonymity in peer review.

At Genomicron, Ryan Gregory ponders when trainees become professionals in science. I am not sure the dividing line is very clear.

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