09 August 2010

In which I help to lower the bar for the Internet

(And given the current state of the Internet, that’s a pretty big claim.)

Last week, I wrote:

There comes a moment in every biology blogger’s life when he or she must write about poop.

Well, damnit... I didn’t expect to be taken quite so literally.

Based on my post and a couple of others, Jason Goldman decides to start a carnival devoted to bodily excretions of all sorts. He floats the idea on Twitter, and is soon surrounded by what I had previously thought were reasonable people egging him on.

He’s calling it The Carnal Carnival. And you can send posts now, if you are so inclined. It’ll run until at least August of next year.

And thus I help make another little contribution to scientific blogging. Not sure how I should put this on my CV.

And if all that wasn’t enough, my parents (yes, my parents) sent me this in response to Friday’s post:

Until next time, stay classy, everyone.

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