01 December 2010

Comments for second half of November 2010

Scicurious wants to know how well she’s doing at writing for non-scientists. Later, she asks what makes a good basic science blog.

At The Rogue Neuron, Andrea Kuszewski takes up the cause of the Science Cheerleaders, with my previous blog post on them, and another by SciCurious figuring rather prominently. Living LabSpaces also comments on the Science Cheerleaders. And don’t forget Genegeek, who brought curling into the discussion!

The other popular post I wrote was on academic myopia of publishing peer-reviewed papers. Biochem Belle had another riff on this. Kevin Zelnio at Deep Sea News managed to link this back to the Science Cheerleading discussion, too.

Angry by Choice has suggestions for applying to grad school. Students: Every program is different, so you have to do your homework.

Peter has a great story on Science of Blogging of how he benefited from blogging about his research. But is it typical?

Not so much a comment, but a pointer to a SEED column by Dave Munger on poisons that referred to one of my posts on tetrodotoxin resistance in snakes.

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