22 December 2010

Violin vs. piano!

It's time to play... Pros and cons!


Pro: Compact and portable.

Con: Never one to be found in a swanky hotel lobby.

Pro: Played by Sherlock Holmes.

Con: Not as sexy as a cello.

Pro: Easier to make a sound imitating the screeching of cats.

Con: No cartoon character has ever had a violin dropped on their head.


Pro: "Ticking the ivories" sounds dirty and can be used in pick-up lines.

Con: Player pianos. (Do you really want to learn something that a perforated roll of paper can play?)

Pro: All the notes are laid out in a nice, orderly sequence.

Con: The instrument of choice when the villain ties the heroine to the train tracks before foreclosing on her mortgage.

Pro: No spit valve.

Con: Always being left out of the marching band.

Hm. The listing wasn't as definitive as I hoped it might be.

Photo by DWinton on Flickr; used under a Creative Commons license.

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