24 December 2010

Flashback: Christmas, 1977

Through the usual chain of improbable internet connections, I got interviewed for PRI’s The World Science podcast. There is 30 minutes and 17 seconds of much other good stuff, but obviously, I want to talk about my bit, 30:18 in. They have a regular “Music in science” feature, and I got to talk about my interest in film soundtracks.

This segment probably went out this week because there was holiday angle to the story I told. My interest in film music all started when my parents gave me two pieces of vinyl for Christmas in 1977:

Star Wars original soundtrack

The original soundtrack to Star Wars.

Thanks to Elsa Youngsteadt for the interview and the deft editing! It came out really well!

And thanks, Mom and Dad, for the presents over the years.

May you all get a gift under the tree that you’ll remember over three decades on.

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