01 May 2012

Comments for second half of April, 2012

I have not just a comment, but a full on guest post about collaboration using cloud tools at Soapbox Science, the guest blog of Nature’s blogging network.

Prof-like Substance does everyone who is writing pre-proposals for the National Science Foundation a big favour by laying out what went down in pre-proposal reviews. Tell it like it is. Jack Williams also steps up with his views on the process at The Contemplative Mammoth.

I make a cameo appearance in a Double X Science interview with Darlene Cavalier of the the Science Cheerleaders and SciStarter.

The FCIWYPSC blog looks at the question of how “soft money” positions affects science.

Jerry Coyne bemoans journal costs.

What’s your favourite marine critter?

It’s exam week! Prof-Like Substance looks at how grades should be distributed.

Biochem Belle examines a hot button statement from the Experimental Biology 2012 meeting, in which a Nobel prize winner says scientists shouldn’t blog, because self-promotion is the antithesis of science. You could imagine the response, but you don’t have to, because Belle tells us all about it.

Bradley Voytek wants to know how you keep up with new science.

Athene Donald looks at academic multitasking. How many things are you expected to do, and do well?

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