28 May 2012

Day at the beach

Whew. I haven’t been blogging here as much as I’d been expecting, because I keep having stuff to report over at the main #SciFund blog! To sum up:

  • Late Friday, we passed the total amount raised in #SciFund round 1.
  • On Sunday, we passed the percent of projects funded in #SciFund round 1, with two projects meeting their targets.
  • On Monday, we the $80,000 mark and three more projects met their targets.

Combined, the two rounds of #SciFund have funded 30 projects and raised over $150,000 for science.

But I have more to say about my own project! This is probably my last video for this round of #SciFund. It’s dedicated to everyone who, like me, is in the lab or office today, particularly those in the United States, for whom this is (allegedly) a long weekend.

Thanks to Maritza for taking some of the footage!

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