24 May 2012

Two for two!

Last night, I went to bed feeling like this.

This morning, I got up, checked my email and my day unexpectedly turned to this:

I’m now proud to have two projects crowdfunded, and to have earned the “Aviator” badge from RocketHub!

Thanks to all the supporters for your interest and trust. While my first SciFund project was about creating a long-term resource, this one should be fast and fun.

For everyone else, it’s not too late! There is no rule that says you can’t support a project that has already met its funding target! Why support a project that has already hit its target?

  1. Moar cool science! I have enough money to support one student on this project. With your help, I could give another student a great research experience. Do it for future scientists!
  2. Cool rewards don’t go away after someone’s hit their target. You can still get some awesome stuff from scientists for supporting their research.!
  3. The target we show is not actually what ends up in the researcher’s hands; RocketHub gets a cut of that money. A few extra donations help us actually get the target amount.
  4. Generosity just feels good. Giving is just enlightened self-interest.
  5. All the smart kids are doing it. You don’t want to seem less smart than your colleagues, do you? I thought not.

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