01 February 2016

DoctorZen.net moved

My home page, DoctorZen.net, has migrated over to a new institutional server. The old site will be up for a while until I get a redirect notice up, but it will eventually close as website support for my previous institution (The University of Texas-Pan American) transitions to my new one (The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley).

If you visit the site by a directly typing in the URL into a browser, you should see no difference.

If you bookmarked the homepage, take a moment to check that it links to the new URL:

You can let me know if there are any problems by emailing me at zen.faulkes@utrgv.edu.


Mike Taylor said...

This is why you're better off using a custom domain (like svpow.com) rather than something provided by an institution. Then it needn't keep changing. Same goes doesn't for email addresses.

... not to mention that http://faculty.utrgv.edu/zen.faulkes/ is not even working at the moment. (The connection is refused.)

Unknown said...

faculty.utrgv.edu has been forgotten behind the Great Firewall of UTRGV and is inaccessible off-campus. It will be fixed, maybe, eventually. This is why I haven't moved my site yet.