10 February 2016

Science Blogging: The Essential Guide already making waves!

We’re still more than two weeks away from the official release of Science Blogging: The Essential Guide, but the book has already racked up its first citation, in the New York Times Sunday Book Review.

It’s kind of a throwaway reference at the end of a longer book review (on atheism and religion, by James Jones, but it’s exciting. Early references to the book bode well for its reception.

Harker’s book, though of interest to anyone looking for a guide to such controversies, is aimed at college students in an introductory philosophy of science course. Should he ever decide to communicate these views more broadly — which is to say, to blog about them — he might consider picking up a copy of SCIENCE BLOGGING: The Essential Guide (Yale University, paper, $24), edited by Christie Wilcox, Bethany Brookshire and Jason G. Goldman, which offers practical advice on such matters as “blogging about controversial topics” and “persuading the unpersuadable.” For example: Always link to the relevant research, avoid “muppet flailing” (excessive fervor, I gather) and “don’t let the trolls get you down.” Words not just to blog but to live by.

“Words not just to blog but to live by.” That’s not a bad pull quote for a book blurb!

Additional, 8 March 2016: I guess I’ll use this post to compile reviews and features of the anthology. This article just in from Times Higher Education! It also has a very brief cameo at the end of this Canadian Science Press post, Science Blogging 101.

Additional, 17 March 2016: Andrew David Thaler, himself no slouch at blogging, reviews the book in Science magazine.

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