16 February 2016

Science Blogging: The Essential Guide companion website up!


We’re exactly two weeks out from the launch of Science Blogging: The Essential Guide. When I got my review copy, one of the first things I did was to look for the online resource mentioned in the book, and was a bit nervous not to find it. But that is now remedied, and it is up for you to check out today at The Open Notebook!

Among the goodies is a Q&A with the editors here, with some good thoughts on the past and future of blogging.

Scicurious put together a Twitter list of all the authors and editors for your following pleasure.

Meanwhile, I noticed that Amazon will be offering a Kindle edition of the book for those of you who already have enough physical stuff lining your bookshelves. It’s also up for sale at other vendors, such as Barnes and Noble, although they don’t seem to have an ebook version available yet.

Update, 23 March 2016: Joanne Manaster interviewed the editors, Bethany, Christie, and Jason on her Read Science hangout series.

Update, 24 March 2016: Editor Jason Goldman is interviewed on Science Writing Radio, Episode 31!

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