31 January 2010

Comments for second half of January, 2010

Janet Stemwedel, a.k.a. Dr. Free-Ride, asks at Adventures in Ethics and Science about leniency for students caught cheating. I advocate consistency.

Professor in Training continues talking about what potential tenure-track faculty should look for after getting a job offer. I add three points.

Blue Lab Coats picks up from Professor in Training and on my post about lab personnel; I stress the variation across institutions.

At On the Market, Doctor Becca asks why other postdocs are not writing about their job search experiences. Perhaps because a couple of apparently pseudonymous descriptions were not as discreet as the author hoped?

Doctor Becca also asks for some input on some popular science writing she did. Remember, she asked, and I’m just trying to help.

At The Tree of Life, Jonathan Eisen doesn’t like “connectome.” What else you got?

Biochem Belle ponders what makes an undergrad institution create a doctoral program. Tough to say, but it seems ill-timed, to say the least.

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