21 February 2010

Science on the island (South Padre Island, that is)

Yesterday, I gave a talk at this new wonderful new building, the South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center.

I went in and chatted about something I hadn’t talked about in a good long while, which was mostly some of my doctoral work on sand crabs as examples of things that have been able to make a living on beaches. I also got in a little bit about mud shrimp and Donax. People seemed to enjoy it. They laughed at the right bits and tolerated a little bit of geekiness about motor coordination.

After the talk, it was a lovely day to walk around the walkways to see some of the vertebrates the area is famous for...

Even got to see some aquatic vertebrates...

And even a few more crustaceans: fiddler crabs out displaying to each other.

I’d like to thank the people who were willing to sit in a dark room for about an hour listening all the ways a sign can be wrong.

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