14 February 2010

Comments for first half of February 2010

I comment on Effect Measure about the alleged stem cell cabal. The same stem cell kerfuffle also prompts a discussion of the value of peer review on Laboratorytalk. For me, “It’s the anonymity, stupid.”

Dr. Becca ponders rejection letters. My experience is that most search committees are highly unresponsive things.

Professor in Training wonders if the bar for tenure should rise and fall with the economy.

At Discovering Biology in a Digital World, Sandra Porter wonders if citizen science ever leads to actual research publications, or if it’s just all “feel good” exercises. I’m not sure survey data is quite what she had in mind, but it can help nevertheless.

The authors of Successors of Solomon explain the name of their blog, to which I add another reference.

Dr. Isis raises a question about unresponsive contributors who, in essence, have the power to block publication through inaction. The only right way out is, alas, to get that contributor to respond. Dr. Free-Ride picks up the thread in her blog, and I join in there, too.

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C.R. Little said...

I have waited several months for a manuscript to be reviewed in J Plant Nutr. I have even threatened to withdraw paper if no action is taken. They keep reassuring me that something will happen.