14 February 2010

I’ll miss you, Kathy

I just got this email from my department chair:

I am saddened to inform you that Ms. Kathryn Dodd, a lecturer in our Biology Department, after fighting with cancer for about five months, passed away this morning at 9:15 AM at her home at 2005 Pin Oak in Edinburg. Her sister Deva just called me a few minutes ago with this news. Ms. Dodd has been with the Biology Department for over a decade. She taught many courses in the department and has been an inspiration to our students. It is indeed a great loss for the Biology Department.

Kathy was the sort of person you wished more people knew. All of my colleagues and I thought the world of her. It’s hard to picture her without a smile on her face. When I think of her, I’ll think of Native dancing (she was part Cherokee, and often participated in pow wows), her love of chocolate (something we shared), and what she always told her students: “Study til it hurts.”

When she was diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer, we knew the outcome was probably not good. But you’re never really prepared for the news.


Dusty Dudley said...

She sounds like a really cool lady. I'm sorry for her loss.

Anonymous said...

simply unimagineable. Professor Dodd was my undergrad advisor. Her passing is a true loss to students who never had the opportunity to become inspired by her work and teachings.

Diane said...

I was very fortunate to have Ms. Dodd as my professor for Seminar and Biological Writing. When I was her student, she taught me how to research, write a research paper, and how to prepare and present lectures. Last Fall she became a friend to share ideas with. I will never forget her.