01 October 2010

Comments for second half of September 2010

Tideliar asks if we should teach grant writing to post-docs. That wasn’t the hard part for me.

Jerry Coyne looks at the impact of hybridization in speciation on his blog Why Evolution is True.

Juniorprof looks at a preprint describing a possible ion channel for vertebrate mechanotreception.

Jessa Gamble gives a TED talk on sleep that has many crying out for more, but anyone familiar with invertebrates is just left crying.

Robert Oakes asks if there is ever a need for a written document to have two people working on it at once.

Lisa Rau on Square Syndrome talks about how instructors keep referring to their students as “kids.”

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High Achieving... With Issues said...

Hey Zen, I only now saw that you linked to one of my blog articles. Thanks so much! You rock and just made my night. :) ~Lisa Rau