27 October 2010

Rally ’round your nerd

Regular readers may already know Nerdy Christie Wilcox. I am a big fan of hers. And it’s not just me: she’s been in Open Lab twice, a finalist in 3 Quarks Daily contests twice, and much more.

Christie is a finalist in another blogging competition, but this one is different: this one has cold hard cash dollars up for grabs. $10,000, to be exact.

Now, in case you don’t know, Christie is based in Hawai’i, which is probably not exactly the cheapest place to live. She’s also a grad student, not exactly known for high wages, either.

But the scholarship is determined by an online poll. Which means this one is all about networking.

You should vote for Christie right now by clicking here.

And spread the word!

P.S.—As of this moment, the leader in this poll is a cosmetics blog. This prompted this musing at A Leaf Warbler’s Gleanings.

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Penguin collector: still keep the wounded... said...

ROFLOL ... My goodness! you all are wonderful people. Christie is my daughter. Thank you.