01 November 2010

Comments for second half of October 2010

Biochem Belle, over at There & (Hopefully) Back Again, asks about people’s experiences blogging under their own name versus blogging under a pseudonym. I find it interesting that the vast majority of bloggers in the comment thread are blogging under an assumed name.

Outdoor Science asks for advice on blogging basics.

Andrea Kuszewski, writing at The Rogue Neuron, thinks scientists used to be more creative.

I run a poster blog, so you know I can’t resist a thread about posters at Tales of the Genomic Repairman.

ScienceLine recycles a neuromarketing press release that I talked about here.

Gerty Z tells a spooky tale of the tenure track job application stack! It grew.. and grew! Until it threatened to consume everything in its wake!

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Anonymous said...

(Sorry, I'm a little behind on my blog reading but...)
I too was surprised that the majority of commenters were pseudonymous, although I did have a couple of 'real name' bloggers who commented via twitter or email.