15 November 2010

Texas house bill 104

I just learned of a bill that has been pre-filed by Fred Brown that would, if passed, completely restructure the Texas higher education system.

Texas universities are currently under the domain of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. The bill would abolish this and put universities under the control of the Texas State Board of Education.

Yes, that State Board of Education. The divided, bickering State Board of Education that routinely ignores the advice of its experts, and that has weakened science standards, particularly in regards to evolution, and that has members to have expressed open contempt for university professors.

I found a brief news report here.

Under Brown’s House Bill 104, the State Board of Education would provide oversight of the newly formed entity, a potential move that could raise some eyebrows. Despite harsh criticism directed at the board in recent years, Brown is confident the 15-member body will serve well.

“They are smart people,” he said. “They have to have a passion for what they do or else they wouldn’t run for office in first place.”

Maybe. But passion is not the same as competence.

Fred Brown’s legislative history is here. This blog notes:

This legislation does not seem to have support within the education community, and it is unclear if it will gain any traction among lawmakers since the financial savings are likely to be small.

Another blog is more pithy:

Yeah, we think not so much.


More as I learn it.

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