29 November 2010

Only a few hours left to nominate posts for Open Lab 2010

Just another little reminder that there is still time to nominate writing for the fifth annual blogging anthology:

You can nominate posts from 1 December 2009 until 30 November 2010.

For instance...

Maybe you enjoyed the story of male lizards mistaken for females. It even got a retweet from Ed Yong! Ed also liked the deathstalker story and my discussion (okay, rant) on paper myopia in academics.

How about this competitor in the NESCent evolution blogging competition about pigging out? Or how fish react to reflections?

Or just a bad attempt to imitate the inimitable Sacha Baron Cohen?

My most popular post over the last year, though, by a wide margin, was my discussion of why snakes have slit pupils instead of round ones. It got almost twice as many visits as the next contender on cockroach mind control. I think this post’s popularity has more to do with this being one of those questions that people think about, can’t think of a good rationale, and hop on to Google to find an answer more than my sparkling prose.

Although maybe the prose sparkles just a teensy bit.

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