03 February 2011

Analysis of an extreme meterological even in South Texas

If you visit out university website, you will be informed that things are bad. Very bad. Mother Nature has it out for us and is going to try to do us all in:

It must be serious! They’ve put an exclamation point in the “A” and everything!

And look at that graphic! There are snowflakes in it!

I decided that I had to be brave and document this natural disaster. So I went outside and...

...thought it was okay.

But you can see how the freezing temperatures have... have...

...not frozen anything.

Yes, it’s chilly. This is the coldest I’ve been for a few years here. And I understand it may get worse. But I was perplexed by having a meeting this afternoon cancelled “because of the weather.” I’ve lived through severe weather. I know severe weather. This is not severe weather. Yet.

Bizarre moment this morning was seeing someone walking around campus with a scarf wrapped around her face... with her coat unbuttoned. People unclear on the concept?

(I almost sent this post to the JAYFK before I realized there was was no science to speak of.)

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