01 February 2011

Comments for second half of January 2011

At Wonderland, Emily Anthes asked, “How much are we (science bloggers) really sparking a wider discussion about science in society and how much are we just talking to each other?” The latter, I think. But I’m okay with that.

Mauka to Mauki talked about blennies that live on land, which I have a passing familiarity with.

Chemjobber provides fifteen ways to say, “You’re wrong.” I added #19.

Neuroskeptic does a nice job unraveling a tale of a clinical trial that some want retracted.

Nerdy Christie looks at new bloggers.

Vivienne at Outdoor Science mentions more than one octopus.

Posts that contain my words, though not in the comments...

My comments on the Science Cheerleaders continues have little ripple effects, showing up in Dave Munger’s piece on inspiring people to science.

GenomeWeb picked up on some of my CV suggestions.

Maniactive asked on Twitter, “What’s the worst way to end a presentation?”

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