04 February 2011

Texas ice 2011

Walking home last night:

I realized two things.
  1. It was probably a smart move that the university decided to close for the day.
  2. I was going to have the only windshield scraper around. Who else but a Canadian would have one in South Texas? I could make a killing lending it out the next morning!

The power went out in my apartment about 10:45 pm. Came back on briefly a while after that, but when I woke up this morning, it was out again. I was curious to see what it was like out, so I put on my winter jacket and headed outside.

The sidewalks and roads were mostly bare, but  there was ice on the grass and the trees.

The Science building was on emergency power only when I went by, so I trundled back home for a while. Power finally came back on at about 10:55 am. By noon, it had turned sunny, and the ice was starting to melt.

I’ve put up a few more selected photos on Flickr.

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