22 February 2011

Tuesday Crustie: Kaiju

Continuing with the theme of oversized pop culture crustaceans, here’s a favourite giant monster from Toho Studios:

Ebirah was introduced in Godzilla Vs. The Sea Monster, where the two participated in some slightly surreal soccer action with boulders.

“Ebi,” if I’m not mistaken, means shrimp in Japanese, so the name means something like monster shrimp.

I preferred Ebirah’s brief but tightly choreographed, energetic action scene in Godzilla: Final Wars. (even if Ebirah didn’t get a rematch with Big G). Here’s some conceptual art:

And here’s the final version in the film:

You can watch both movies on Crackle.

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Bjørn Østman said...

Godzilla is really Gojira, which is a mix of gorilla and kujira, which means whale. I suppose Ebira is then a mix of shrimp and whale.