15 September 2010

Comments for first half of September 2010

Manner of Speaking has a great suggestion for taking two slides out of your talk – usually ones at the end. I suggest a third one to remove, at the beginning.

Michael Tobis at Only In It For the Gold suggests academics are becoming like royalty, but not in a good way.

Detective Christie Wilcox tracks down the claim that bull sharks have insanely high levels of testosterone at Observations of a Nerd.

Monofilia describes the evolution of giraffe necks, and makes an obligate but perhaps overused quote from an historic biologist.

Dr. Becca has an enemy.

Scicurious at Neurotic Physiology considers the role of Carl Sagan in contemporary science communication, which is something I wrote about last year. (It’s probably the single most popular post on this blog, thanks to appearing in Open Lab.)

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