22 September 2010

Who was that mysterious stranger?

A few weeks back, I joked about the proliferation of new blogging networks. But such networks are useful, and particularly with the launch of Scienceblogging.org, there was a bit of fear that indie bloggers would be pushed into oblivion.

But today I noticed this on Scienceblogging.org:

Someone has created an aggregation of unaligned neuroscience blogs (including this one) called “Neuroghetto” so that posts can be featured on the Scienceblogging.org home page. This was indeed a very nice thing to do.

I’m not sure who to thank, though. It was all done without me knowing.

While I’m here, I want to point to Dave Munger’s excellent analysis of men and women scientists blogging.

Update: I have since learned it was Twiter user sarcastic_f who created the feed. Thanks, guy! That was a fine bit of work. And thanks to Mo and Bora for setting me right!

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