02 September 2010

Your new blog network for today

Previously, in the science blogosphere...

This prompted Ed Yong to comment:

I hear that the drunk guy in the park with a traffic cone is launching his own science blogging network...

Today, I am that drunk guy in the park with a traffic cone.

  • 2 September: The SciZen blog network launches!

It’s a small network, consisting of three blogs for now:
  • NeuroDojo: The blog you’re reading now. Brains, behaviour, and evolution are favourite topics.
  • Better Posters: A blog devoted to the elimination of ugly posters at science conferences.
  • Marmorkrebs: A bit of a niche blog, covering the remarkable marbled crayfish.

Some of you might say, “But Zen! That’s not a network – those are all just blogs you’re already writing!”

Yeah, well, sort of.

Okay, precisely.

You can’t blame an independent boy for trying to get a little attention in the days of Borg blogging, now, can you?


biochem belle said...

I'm so glad someone made the Borg reference. It's been bouncing around in my head for a long time, but I could just never find a good fit for appropriate use :)

Anonymous said...

When a butterfly flaps its wings in Bulgaria, a new science blogging monolith appears on the other side of the world ...

Now Plos is in on the act.

Unknown said...

Great idea! Looking forward to you developing even more blogs and disagreeing with yourself.