01 September 2010

Comments for second half of August 2010

Abhishek Tawari finds new papers documenting the misuse of the word “homology” by molecular biologists.

The Scholarly Kitchen accuses science bloggers of being sticks in the mud. But was an article on Jesus curing a viral infection really meant as a gag?

Lab Mom at The Thoughest Job You’ll Ever Love discusses what car a professor should drive.

Anonymity in peer review is currently a favourite topic of mine, so I couldn't pass up a chance to comment at the Child’s Play blog by Melodyne.

Lucas Browers did a nice job of covering velvet worms brains.

Razib Khan at the Gene Expression blog wonders, “Why are there so many neuroscience bloggers in biology?”

Dr. Becca exhorts scientists to make websites! People read them, you know!

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