01 September 2010

Texas Higher Education and Creation Research, Part 38

Is this the end?

After 37 previous posts, is this the last I shall write about the Institute for Creation Research’s (ICR) attempt to get a preliminary plan for a Master’s degree in science education approved the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB)?

The National Center for Science Education reports that the ICR has “conceded defeat,” and will not be trying any more legal means to overturn the THECB’s decision.

This is not the last we have heard of the Institute, which has run for a very long time. They are continuing to offer a “Master of Christian Education degree,” whatever that is (not snark, I genuinely do not know). If you take that degree, you can do Creation Research as a minor.

It feels weird. In late 2007, I really got serious about science blogging part due to several convergent stories about the teaching of evolution in Texas: the forced resignation of Chris Comer, the tussle over the K-12 Texas Science Standards, and this story. All three stories now seem to have run their course completely.

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