12 November 2011

J.B. Johnston Club, 2011. Also, Nozenber.

Sex changing wrasses! Cave catfish! Bats with wings rendered hairless by depilatory cream! Zebra finch jailbreaks! Tentacled snakes! Turtle ears! Miniature pigs! Three spined stickleback spatial memory showdown! 

God, I love the J.B. Johnston Club.

At a time when mainstream neuroscience is very much focused on research that helps to understand human brains, this satellite meeting is a wonderful celebration of the beautiful diversity of brains and behaviour.

Had a chicken "sandwhich" for lunch that was better described as a chicken seive (messy!), had my picture taken with a can of Dr. Pepper 10 (which was pretty good) - tell me if you see my picture in an ad someplace - and worked on my "Best PI ever" nomination by bringing my students cupcakes.

I picked up my copy of the 2012 fundraising calendar, and got to see the other eleven pictures for the first time. (Crayfish neurons are February, by the way. Because that's the month of Valentine's Day, and everyone knows that crayfish are love.)

Ended the day with great conversations that somehow ended with the Very Important Lesson:

Never say no to panda.

Meanwhile, Andrew Thaler has dubbed this the month of Nozenber!

In addition to #SciFund, The Weekly Weinersmith, and being at JB Johnston Club and Neuroscience, today I was featured on Sci.Ple and my recent collaboration with Nadia Carreon and Brian Frednesborg was Parasite of the Day.

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Miss MSE said...

I have to ask: was this a discussion of developing depilatory creams especially for bats, or a comparison of generally available brands? One of my coworkers needs to render some batwings hairless.