02 November 2011

#SciFund Challenge round-up, 2 November 2011

Day 1 of the #SciFund challenge has seen a lot of money raised and a decent amount of online coverage. The #SciFund challenge appears on Chronicles from Hurricane Country:

Call me a science fan. I'm interested not only in the projects themselves, but in the journeys being undertaken by people who have banded together across the globe, designing their crowdfunding pitches, including videos, in less than a month. Some have learned new outreach skills on the fly. They are all bringing science to the public in a way seldom seen -- and never before seen in such a team effort among many.

Take Part:

It's hard not to like the way these guys are thinking. With a wide red swath of the country still in denial over evolution and climate change, challenges like these could bring the science back into the discussion and raise awareness for the quickly evaporating pool of research money.

Geeks Are Sexy:

The SciFund Challenge is best described as Kickstarter for scientists: research teams post their projects, potential crowdfunders choose those they’d like to support, and BAM. We’re all doing science.

And Boing Boing:

Not interested in duck sex? You're a rarity on the Internet, but there are plenty of other options.

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