06 November 2011

#SciFund Challenge round-up, 5-6 November 2011

#SciFund just got its first fully funded project with Kelly Weinersmith! It only took five days for Kelly’s project to hit its target - not a surprise given that she’s done crowdfunding before. Go go zombie research!

But over 40 other projects still need your help - including mine!

Where are those projects located, you might ask? Ask away, for we have built a Google Map Look at all the places #SciFund participants are coming from!

View #SciFund Challenge Participants in a larger map

Speaking of compilations, I have a list of challengers on Twitter who have been actively tweeting about their projects.

Kristina Killgrove has a nice explanation of why she jumped into crowdfunding. (I’ll share my story on Monday.)

Kalani Kirk Hausman is curating the #SciFund Challenge with a Scoop.it page.

More Chronicles from Hurricane Country:

While the scientists involved were sweating over their presentations and gaining a pre-launch audience -- that #oss2011 hashtag on the timeline at bottom right points to this year's Open Science Summit, where #SciFund co-founder Jai Ranganathan wowed the crowd -- I could feel that pre-launch tension building. Would this thing work? Were enough funders out there?

The challenge is featured at the Citizen Science League.

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