08 November 2011

#SciFund challenge round-up, 7-8 November 2011

Jai Ranganathan talks about the #SciFund challenge on the Science Cabaret podcast.

One project in particular gets coverage at io9. Gee, it’s the duck penis project; what a shocker.

Although Kelly Weinersmith’s project is already funded, I can’t resist putting a link to Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal which her husband promotes her research.

My project makes a cameo appearance at Mad Art Lab blog - thanks to Tree Lobsters, who have been working the crustacean . SF Fedora connection way longer than me.

Heathen Hub features Cancer? Yeast has the answers!

I have no idea what “Milde Gaben für die Forschung” says until I run it through a translation program, but it has the #SciFund logo on it! I think it’s a German edition of Scientific American.

And my project was featured on the #SciFund blog on Monday and on The Weekly Weinersmith podcast on Tuesday. Please don’t believe all those scurrilous rumours about my awesomeness.

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